Diaries of a Married Couple:

Heard crunching. Walked into the kitchen. The love of my life was monching down on the last of a bag of dehydrated apple slices.(I love dehydrated apple slices. It is known.)Me: "Whatcha eatin'?"Him: //chomps faster// "they're gone! All gone!" //opens mouth to show me the mostly gone apple slices//Me: "Not all of them!" //I reach... Continue Reading →

Found on the AT and Found on Mt Mitchell

Sam's Gap to Hogback Ridge ShelterandBalsam Nature Trail to Old Mount Mitchell Trail We moved to NC 8 years ago largely to escape the grumpy, high traffic, and crowded atmosphere around the Washington DC area that we had so far lived in. Since moving here, thousands of other people tired of their previous surroundings decided... Continue Reading →

Appalachian Trail: Sam’s Gap to Hogback Ridge Shelter

Conversations While Hiking "I'm sorry, I need to stop again.""Don't say sorry. You're doing great.""K.""What kind of mushroom is that?""Bolete.""Edible?""You wouldn't want to.""You ready to go again?""Yea. Sorry for stopping.""Don't say sorry."...."Faaaaaaaaaahhhhk""Need to stop?""Yea.""No worries.""Sorry.""Don't say sorry.""I said fuck.""Yes you did.""I'm sorry.""Don't say sorry."And pretty much on like that until we reached the shelter. I... Continue Reading →

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