Triple Tree Chilly Chili Fly-in – Feb 2017

We had an awesome day for flying on Saturday, and a number of EAA chapter 1016 members went down to Triple Tree Aerodrome for their Chilly Chili fly-in. I was lucky enough to catch a ride with Anthony in his Grumman Cheetah, along with Bryce, one of our Young Eagles.

There were tons of planes there, and the staff thought that there were at least 300people in attendance since it was such a beautiful day.

Always love hanging out with with other aviation enthusiasts, and excellent venues like Triple Tree on a great day make it that much better. 🙂

Interesting articles for discussion this week

The end of MOGAS?

Of course then there’s this one:

December Meeting

We’ll be meeting at the Lacy Building at 6pm on Tuesday December 13th with a packed agenda including a movie and an informal holiday party. The club will be providing chicken and some sides but feel free to bring something to share.

Please contact Michael Doornbos at 828 450 7418 or mike at for questions.


November Meeting

We’ll meet as normal at 7pm THIS Tuesday. Yes, it’s election day. Think of it as a way to spend time talking about airplanes instead of politics.

Our very own Mike Cola and Simon Jennings will be presenting on Turbo Chargers, we’ll chat about the B-17 numbers and view photos, and take nominations for Secretary and Vice President board positions for 2017.

We’ll also be discussing a movie night for December. We’ve got several films we’re looking at.

There will be light refreshments provided, looking forward to missing some of the election night coverage to talk airplanes 🙂

Contact for questions.

A little formation flying

Simon Jennings got to do a little formation flying with a couple of our RV guys:

Effective sharp Formation flying is tough. It takes focus, a steady hand, many hours of stick time and confidence in ones ability to multitask in all 6 dimensions whilst maintaining a 10 foot space to another aircraft at nigh on 130mph…. All things I don’t yet have and making me the go lucky passenger from the back seat of instructor Mark Cigal’s fine RV8 on Darwin Jones’s first formation flying training session.


Some memorable moments included; watching Darwin’s aircraft rapidly grow larger and larger in the canopy on a direct collision course (high pucker factor), Mark’s unexpected formation break away turn (almost a head to canopy moment) and a flock of 4 or 5 birds momentarily joining our finger formation at a 3 foot blurred spacing as they flashed by, both on our right and in between the two aircraft (even Mark ducked!).


Most memorable however was just being able to share in on the training experience on such a clear, windless smooth day and witness Mark’s impressive instructor style tuning Darwin in to, what we all agreed would be, a great formation pilot.  Even though I myself am not able to directly take part in formation flying just yet, I certainly hope to be able to ride along again and I would recommend anyone looking for a new challenge or just wanting to test their nerves to get in touch with Mark to give it a go.  2 RV’s was fun but a 3 or 4 ship flight out of HVL will look mighty fine in the Asheville skies!
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