Where did that word come from, anyway? Fireworks don’t really say “kaplooie”.

Fireworks kinda say “breeee-krkop!”

And sometimes they say “wheeee-foosh!”

But I’ve never heard a firework say “kaplooie.”

I also aint never seen an elephant fly.

But I digress.

There are a lot of fireworks at the lake. Well, ok, there are a lot of fireworks at the lake on 4th of July weekend.

I guess it’s a tradition of some sort. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Oooh! These are a favorite! They’re strobe lights. And if I keep my hand REAL steady and take a picture with an extra slow shutter speed, you get these really nifty ghost images every time the firework light goes off.

But the best part is the dancing. Heh.

True story: One time, Michael’s family lit one of these spinny fireworks that you nail to a tree, but it came off the tree, flew straight toward everyone and zipped right under everyone’s chairs, which were lined up in a perfect row to view the fireworks. Everyone flew backwards or forwards or fell off their chairs while they avoided the spinning ball of sparks. Everyone except Great Auntie Rose who was sitting at the very end of the row. Poor Auntie Rose stayed glued to her chair even as she…





sideways.    Plonk.

And there she sat. On the ground. Sideways.

Auntie Rose! Are you all right?” Everyone stood around staring at her.

Oh, yes.  I’m fine.” She answered calmly. Still sideways.

Then Michael picked her up. He’s thoughtful like that.

The End.