Nifty (and Free) Youtube vid of Prof Bob Brier teaching Egyptian Mummification

{NOTE: What follows is a lot of babbling. If you’d rather just watch Brier talk about dead things, then by all means, scroll down and hit the play button. }

If there is one thing I love when it comes to homeschooling, it’s free resources, especially good ones! (not the bad ones, though. They suck.) I’ma gonna share a free one with you now- but first I have to tell you why it’s so awesome: A few weeks ago I came across the Teaching Company’s “Great Courses” series. These fab courses taught by the country’s best rated college professors (and two by the highschool history teacher of the year out in California)¬†and according to some homeschool divas I’ve recently met, they’re excellent. The DVDs (or audio CDs, whichever floats your boat or your budget) include lectures about the four majors (maths, science, history, language) as well as some others like music appreciation and art history.

Any-whobers- while I was looking over the curriculum I’ve ALREADY BOUGHT for The Punk this year, said Punk was bouncing up and down and shouting in my ear: MOM! I don’t WANT to learn modern history again! My old school taught me that a bunch of times and it was booooooring! I want to learn about the Egyptians. And also the Mayans. And can we learn about the Aztecs too, because I think they knew the Mayans and the Egyptians. Also the Greeks.

You see now what I go through.

Anyway, after this, somewhat one sided, conversation, I started searching online for Bob Brier– who is the TC’s very popular Egyptologist. If my son wants to learn about Egypt (we’ll set the others aside for now) then by-golly I’m going to find something good about Egypt.

I looked to online videos first because I was hoping to get an idea of Brier’s teaching style when I found THIS. ?


ALSO: BB’s course The Great Pharoahs of Egypt is on sale right now, 70% off…

Easy buy.


  1. Oy, I feel like an idiot. I’ve bemoaned the fact that Teaching Company doesn’t have samples a hundred times. It never occurred to me that these profs may have found YouTube. :-} We may use this for a Friday lecture!

    So far, we’ve liked the Teaching Company lectures we’ve purchased. I like the audio only ones that I can drop onto my iPod and listen to, but my oldest boy (almost 15) seems to prefer the videos. Which is tough because they cost more, so I’ll reserve those for when the visuals are necessary. Anyway, those lectures make me feel a little better about homeschooling high school without an actual written curriculum.

    • julie

      August 26, 2011 at 3:35 pm

      I know what you mean about the samples! Some of the programs have “previews” which let you see the lecturer’s face, but you never get to hear them talk. For me, that’s a big selling factor.

      I did get a bunch of the audio cds from the library to check out some of the courses… unfortunately my kids are very visual learners, so we’ll likely need DVDs even when the lecture doesn’t have too many visuals. Either that, or I’ll need to invest in some illustrated books on the topic for them to leaf through while listening to the CDs.

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