The Great House Hunt of 2014

Michael and I have casually visited a few homes in the area over the winter, but with the start of spring comes new market listings. We’re about 5 months out from our current lease being up, so it’s time to get serious. Here’s the first house we’ve visited! As always, to honor the privacy of the current owners and for my own amusement, I’ve given the house a name. We’re calling this one, Casa Crunchy!

(click on the tiny icons to embiggen.)



It’s been a while since I posted here. Mostly because facebook is easier and I don’t really have a whole lot of time to write blog- posts confettied with pics as I like doing. But lately I’ve become frustrated with facebook and besides, not all of my family and friends are on facebook- actually most of them seem to be leaving rather than joining. And I’ve been getting emails requesting some of the pics I normally share on FB.

On the other side of things, not everyone on FB is interested in my bombing their newsfeed with a thousand photos of houses, so…

So I figure I’ll try to post here instead. Let’s see how it goes.

I have no excuse for this. It’s a puppy. Do I need an excuse for puppies?

This is Elli!

Sometimes Elli comes to visit and then I get to play with her and blow raspberries on her belly and call her shmoopsie.

Michael’s parents belong to her.

They say she’s a chocolate lab, but I checked, and she definitely does not smell like chocolate.

That’s all I have to say about that.



Where did we get so much STUFF? Where does this even come from? I suspect elves.

In the past 6 months I have, in not quite this order, accomplished the following:

  • taken 17 trips to the local Salvation Army/ Goodwill donation center. (NOT an exaggeration. We counted.)
  • taken 319 trips to the dump (including one very exciting trip where we got to watch our ratty, torn up and slightly peanut butter slathered couch slide into the compactor. Hand to Heaven, you have never lived until you have pushed a ratty, torn up and slightly peanut butter slathered couch into the gaping mouth of a machine built to make solid things squishy. It was the highlight of January!)
  • Phone stalked several realtors, made many internal negotiations (as well as a few unsavory bribes), we finally located a lovely, spacious new house to rent on the side of a mountain¬†in northern Australia in North Carolina.
  • painted four three paintings (I’m not counting the one that got rained on. Sorry Ed. I know you like it.)
  • Broke up the contents of one two-story house into 234 piles, then strategically stuffed said piles into 229 boxes. I am Queen Tetris. BOO-YA.
  • Had my first adventure in plein air. (thus, the rained on painting.)
  • visited relatives in far off lands, like Pennsylvania. Also Maryland.
  • “Celebrated” my other baby turning 16 (REPEAT ABOVE. ETC. ::dies::)
  • We moved to said mountain in Greenland in North Carolina.
  • washed 1,483 loads of laundry
  • Ate 6 lbs of cheese over Christmas.
  • unpacked 228 boxes. (WHERE is my STOCK POT!?)

Also homeschooling, wrangling 2 cats and an old fart dog into one car, multiple 7 hour car trips, various holiday type things, yadda-yadda-blah-blah. Oh, also Michael got a new job and is soldering satellite parts in his spare time. And Madison has taken up bongos. (BONGOS. Yes, RLY.) And Caleb is carving things out of wood and has also announced that he wants to learn how to play Celtic songs on the violin and possibly also live in Egypt. (Not NOW, Mom. But, you know, maybe next year?) The dog wants carpet on these dang floors. (REALLY, people? Hardwood? Have you seen my backside? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s made of fluff, not that rubber stuff on the bottom of bathroom mats. I sit and my butt slides sideways. I end up scooting in backwards circles every dinner time. Oh ha-ha. Very funny. ::grumble,grumble,berber,etc::)

I want tacos.

Here’s a picture of a cat!


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